What We Do

(and why you might care):

Marketing Communications/Publicity

We start with your communications plan utilizing the tactics below. This includes very high quality writing, the basis of all successful marketing. That writing is married to very high quality visual design. Wherever possible we use actual photos of your business and real people- no stock photography.

Social Media/Reputation Management

Our social strategy is centralized on Facebook. With 840 million active participants, it is the de facto platform for social interaction and it is where people talk about you and your reputation. Read our Letter Series on the Why, How and What of Facebook for your business.

Website Development

If social media is your ongoing communications with your customers, websites are information central: Who you are, what you do, how to reach you, what you’re passionate about. Those are our guiding principals when it comes to website design and development. The conventional and unconventional, including sites built on WordPress (like this one!).

Ebooks, White Papers, Presentations and Custom Content

Remember print brochures? They still have their uses but we know from experience, having worked on dozens of them, that the vast majority end up in landfills. Today, a simple ebook, distributed freely and easily updated, is our answer to the collateral issue. Ebooks can be anything from traditional text to an interactive iPad iBook with video, slide shows, animation and more. And if you need more traditional things like white papers and presentations we can create them and embed them into a custom ebook.

Read our thoughts on the power of white papers as marketing tools.


We’ve all been watching video for our entire lives, on TV, in classrooms and online. This familiarity has trained us to absorb information quickly via this medium. From super simple do-it-yourself videos to fun and information-intensive animated demos, we advocate for a video strategy for your business.

Experience Design

Apple Stores are the highest volume retail stores on the planet for a reason. They were developed using experience design, a process where actual users are observed interacting with a product or environment. Workflow, events, training, interior design- these are just a few of the areas where experience design can make a huge difference.

Usability/Interface Design

Ever watch a young child with an iPad? They don’t need directions to get right into it. That’s the epitome of usability design. And it is something you need to constantly fine tune whether you’re inviting diners into your restaurant or teaching technicians how to run a nuclear power plant.

 Long and Short Term Planning (Strategy and Tactics)

Where do you see your company or organization a year or two from now? How will you get there? Visualizing a path to the future is strategic planning. Understanding the way you’ll get there is tactical planning. We don’t do it for you, we facilitate the process.


The average event is boring, period. We don’t think you should ever have to subject yourself, your employees or your customers to boring events. And when you offer something really exciting, your reputation grows and you build a stronger relationship with the participants. Never underestimate the power of creative event planning. Get our free Ebook on Event Planning.