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If a web site is an information source, Facebook is what’s going on in real time. In our humble opinion, this is the second stage of online evolution. Email newsletters, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest- they all lead to Facebook. So why follow those paths? Just go straight to jail and do not collect $200: Visit us on Facebook. Confused about the value of Facebook for your business? We can help.

Facebook Service Bureau for Upstate NY Businesses and Organizations

A Service of Wing Digital

We create and maintain Facebook Business and Not For Profit Pages. Though anyone may make a Page, realistically most businesses don’t or can’t take the time to properly set-up and profit from a Facebook Page. As a result they are missing one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. Even if you have a Page, without content developed to build relationships with your customers, that Page becomes useless. Facebook tracks activity on every Page and rewards active Pages by displaying their content in more people’s information feeds. Why is this important?
Let’s look at the example of Good Luck, a popular Rochester NY bar and bistro. Their Page has over 1800 Likes (at the time of this writing). The screenshot of their Facebook Insights Page seen above shows that stat. But look at the number next to it (circled), Friends of Fans: 503,314. That’s a big number. What does it mean? It represents the Friends of those people who have Liked Good Luck’s Page. Those with one degree of separation, in other words. So, are they actually reaching 500,000 people? If their Page continues to post comments, video and other content and receives visits from a range of people, Facebook will expose more and more of those 500,000 people to their message. Can you imagine any other media that gives a local business the potential of reaching 500,000 people for free? And not 500,000 random people. 500,000 people whose friends like the restaurant?
This is the kind of reach you are missing out on if you either don’t have a Facebook Page or don’t keep yours up to date. As a marketer and an Upstate NY business owner, I’m on a mission to help local businesses leverage the power of Facebook. I’m doing this by offering a service that sets up your Facebook Page, fills it with great background content and posts useful information about your business and its customers to the Page on a regular basis.
Yes, we charge for this service, but the fees are minimal compared to any other form of local advertising- and the potential return is huge, especially if you take full advantage of Facebook’s ever-expanding business services. For example, unlike print, TV and radio advertising, Facebook popularity and usage are completely measurable. And we will provide you with activity reports on a regular basis as part of your service package.

A Note About The New Expanded Facebook Pages for Businesses
On March 30, 2012 all Facebook Pages for business and not-for-profit organizations will change to a format that reflects the Timeline format you may have seen on your personal page. This change, which includes the ability to post a banner image across the top of the Page, means a more dynamic presence for your company on Facebook. However, that dynamism is directly related to the kind and quality of the content posted on your Page. A great selection of interesting content ‘builds’ out a compelling story of your business. No or limited content will result in an empty Page. We believe this new format has huge potential but we also believe that it requires more creative thinking around how you use your Page.

We know your time and ability to focus on this stuff is limited. But we urge you to contact us and spend a few minutes discussing how you can tap into Facebook’s universe of 840 million active users. Honestly, you cannot afford to skip that conversation.

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